The flying hovercraft (4 pics + video)

The flying hovercraft (4 pics + video)

This is the hovercraft that glides over land and water yet also soars in the air up to 70 mph with the aid of integrated wings. A 130-hp twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled gasoline engine — turbocharged and fuel-injected — drives its 60 wood/carbon composite thrust propeller while a 1,100-rpm 34 lift fan inflates its durable vinyl-coated nylon skirt for hovering above the ground.

Operating in fresh- or saltwater and up to 30% inclines over sand, mud, grass, swamp, desert, ice, and snow, its wings and horizontal elevator enable pilots to simply hop over water- or land-based obstacles up to 20′-high unsurmountable to a typical hovercraft. A joystick controls three vertical rudders and the elevator, a twist friction-lock throttle controls forward speed, and a variable drive system controls the также for hovering.

Braking is provided by lowering the lift fan’s rpms; comes to rest on Kevlar также skids. Its low center of gravity and composite fiberglass/PVC hull enable it to operate на данный момент winds up to 25 mph and waves up to 6′ when in flight. Two nine-gallon gasoline tanks provide a 160-mile range.

Supports pilot/passenger payloads up to 600 lbs. for flight. Requires registration as a boat. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. Please call 1-800-227-3528 for details. 19′ L x 7’8 W x 6’6. (1,100 lbs.)

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    Hovercraft Meets Aircraft | World’s Strangest

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